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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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Basic functionality is completed and tested (see below).

This project is ready for your high-quality contributions! Join us as a contributing member of this project. Contact Chris Balz.

Currently, this package powers grab-and-draggability in the Gigapan Explorer application. See it live at: treelogic-swe's main server.
Summary Aspect-oriented Programming Framework for ECMAScript
Category design
License X/MIT License
Owner(s) cbalz
logo of electrified Parthenon The AspectES Framework:

AOP for EcmaScript


Produce a superior implementation of Aspect-Oriented Programming in JavaScript v1.5, as standardized by EcmaScript Specification 262.

Scope: A package framework that contains core classes that enable software engineers to gracefully develop JavaScript applications that have clear, well-documented designs incorporating Aspect Oriented Programming.


  • Current:
    • This framework powers the drag-and-drop capability in the (open-source) Gigapan Explorer Application, delivered to the United States NASA in late 2005.
    • This project only uses standardized web technologies: JavaScript 1.5, with no proprietary extensions.
    • Enjoy complete JavaScriptdoc as you develop this codebase.
    • See the Coding Standard.
    • See the tips on Debugging JavaScript.

  • Immediate Future:
    • Develop a test suite that completely exercises the existing functionality.
    • Log and fix bugs on said functionality.
    • Identify additional desired functionality.
    • Build a pluggable module for generating JavaScriptdoc from AspectES aspects and their associated yarn.

Call to action: Join this project by contacting Christopher M. Balz (via e-mail) with a good goal proposal. In less than 250 words, explain a) your software engineering background and b) the goals with AspectES you would like to achieve.